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Lowell Bennett
Writer, Editor, Photographer - Strategic Communications

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About —

Lowell Bennett provides communications and image services to publications, a wide range of other businesses, government agencies and organizations worldwide. His consulting services range from the instructive to the strategic.

Based in Beijing for five years Bennett was under contract as an editorial consultant with China's largest publishing house. In the course of professional assignments and personal travels he explored much of China, recording in image and reflecting in writing its many regions, provinces, cities, towns, villages and remote hinterlands.

Since moving on from his position in Beijing, Bennett has returned to the city and the nation in the course of fulfilling and carrying out various assignments and projects.

Notable and Recent

A book of photography and writing on the modern and increasingly cosmopolitan capital of China: BEIJING INTERNATIONAL - An Ancient Capital's Renaissance in the Age of Globalization.

Published in August of 2013 — The text and approximately 220 images covering regional ecological protection efforts, culture, industry and the land and people of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, is entitled: GUIYANG - The Philosopher City - Intelligent Design and Progressive Growth Mold a Metropolis.

Published in TransAsia's inflight magazine, Renaissance, words and images on the very unique cuisine of China's Guizhou Province, focusing on the capital city of Guiyang. [Open PDF]

Published in AirAsia’s inflight magazine, Travel 3Sixty, photo coverage on the village and jungle environs of Bukit Lawang, Sumatra. [Flipbook Pages 5, 34-40]

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