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A book of photography and writing on the modern and increasingly cosmopolitan capital of China: BEIJING INTERNATIONAL - An Ancient Capital's Renaissance in the Age of Globalization.

Published in August of 2013 — The text and approximately 220 images covering regional ecological protection efforts, culture, industry and the land and people of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, is entitled: GUIYANG - The Philosopher City - Intelligent Design and Progressive Growth Mold a Metropolis.

Published in TransAsia's inflight magazine, Renaissance, words and images on the very unique cuisine of China's Guizhou Province, focusing on the capital city of Guiyang. [Open PDF]

Published in AirAsia’s inflight magazine, Travel 3Sixty, photo coverage on the village and jungle environs of Bukit Lawang, Sumatra. [Flipbook Pages 5, 34-40]

Published in Emirates Airlines' Open Skies, coverage on the cormorant fishermen of the Li River, Southern China (title and subheads not by Bennett). [Open Flipbook]

Recent: Open Skies, Emirates Airlines
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   Press, Propaganda and Pretty Pictures:
   A sampling of Lowell Bennett's work.

    Thumbnails link image of two-page intro, below is PDF of full article (abridged as noted).

►  The Laowai Eye
 Basically Banna
Around Xishuangbanna, far south Yunnan Province, on the border with Laos and Burma, food, trekking, ethnic people and a boat to Thailand.


►  To Capture the Cartoon Cash
 China Reanimates an Industry

A push to revitalize the animation industry in China. [TEXT]

►  Photos Mapped
 China and Southeast Asia

From the cities to the hinterlands, photos on the locations plotted out. Shanghai to Lhasa and cross country to Mount Everest; Beijing to Kashgar and the Pakistan border region; Dandong to Xishuangbanna and a Mekong border crossing...

►  Road Trip Tibet
 The Lhasa to Base Camp Run

Traveling (with observational humor) the back roads of Tibet to Everest.Note: Article (PDF) abridged. 
  Full text in new window here.

►  Buildup Begun
 Corps Jump Aboard Beijing Bandwagon
International business, sponsorship of 2008 Beijing Olympics. Note: Writing only. [TEXT]

 ►  A Changing China
 Solid Stone - Soft Snow
Observational editorial take (with positive slant) on the city and nation. [TEXT] 
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►  The Laowai Eye
 Kashgar Kocktail
Mixing it up on the western frontier. Kashgar, Tashkurgan, Shipton's Arch (highest in world), Karakoram Highway, perilous pool and calamitous cocktails.

►  A Provincial Push
 The Liaoning Linkage
Promotion of a province, plans to develop five major international ports in Liaoning Province, Northeastern China. [TEXT]

►  AutoNation
 An Industry Hits Hyper-Speed in Hybrid Mode
China's auto industry, trends, statistics and environment. Note: Writing only. [TEXT]

►  The Laowai Eye
 A Slice of Xinjiang
Brief narrative and images about and from Xinjiang, vicinity of Urumqi, mountains and desert to Turpan.

  Nations, Numbers and Nanning
 China and ASEAN Expand Global Profile
Rundown on international business, ASEAN Expo, Nanning. [TEXT]

►  Advancing Project and Premise
 Case Study in China's Headquarters Economy
Development of a massive Beijing business park and the rags-to-riches man who made it happen. Note: Photos as credited. [TEXT]

►  The Laowai Eye
 Around Ya'an
Personalized narrative and images of glacier terrain, towns, village people around western Sichuan.

 An Industry Hits Hyper-Speed in Hybrid Mode
China's auto industry, trends, statistics and environment. Note: Writing only. [TEXT]

►  The Scintillating Sister City
Observational editorial take (with positive slant) on the city. [TEXT]
Francais Deutsch Italiano

►  The Laowai Eye
 China Through a Western Lens

Personalized intro and extended narrative captions on a few shots from around the nation.

►  Spirit of the Dragon
Hitting the highpoints of Beijing in advance of Olympics. Note: Writing only / title not by author.

►  Nanning
 Beauty, Brains and Business
Brief impressions of the city. [TEXT]

►  Huangshan Heritage
 Heights, History and Hangouts

Traveling big mountains, bucolic burgs, and bars, Anhui Province.

►  Great Streets
Short overview of leisure / culture district. Note: Writing only / title notby author.

►  The Powerhouse Province
 Zhejiang Soaring
Promotion of a province, prosperity and beauty in Zhejiang. Note: Photos as credited. [TEXT]

►  Life on the Li
 Passing Paradise
Commentary on birds, big buses and a bruised environment along the Li River. Note: Article (PDF) abridged for positive slant. 
  Full text in new window here.

►  Beijing
Lifestyle piece focusing on upscale side of the city. 
Photos as credited / co-writer / title not by author.

►  Exiting Xanadu
 On the Road To Daxu - Part 1
Traveling Yangshuo, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Southern China.[TEXT]
pdf14.jpg (115287 bytes)
►  To Dally
 In Dali
Traveling Dali Old Town and environs, Yunnan Province, Southeastern China. Note: Article (PDF) abridged. 
  Full text in new window here.

►  To Live Light
 In Lijiang
Traveling Lijiang Old Town, Lashihai Wetlands, Baisha Village, Yunnan Province, Southeastern China. Note: Article (PDF) abridged. 
  Full text in new window here.

►  Exiting Xanadu
 On the Road To Daxu - Part 2
Traveling Guilin and Ancient Village of Daxu, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Southern China. [TEXT]

  Publication Preface 
 Inside cover intro to feature by Bennett (above right), including image.

The Powerhouse Province -Zhejiang Soaring

On the twisting-turning and perpetual path to the greater good, the leaders of government and industry to whom the history books will be most kind hold true to a societal course that advances their nation in a moral, ethical and sustainable manner. The broad concept of sustainable development might be fundamentally defined in three parts ...

►  Bird Men of the Li
 Fisher Kings
About the cormorant fisherman of the Li River. Note: Photos 1 and 2 not by the author / title not by author. [TEXT]

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