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Lowell Bennett
Website Projects

Writing / Reporting / Photojournalism

    Partner site serving varied business and media purposes.
    Website representing international strategic and communications consulting firm.

Archived Image Galleries

    China, Southeast Asia, Amsterdam and Belgium slideshows as video set to music.
  • Slideshow Index
    Selected shots from around China and Southeast Asia.
  • China
    Several thousand photos dating back to 2005.
  • Southeast Asia
    Images from Malaysia, Thailand, Sumatra, Bali, Java, Borneo, Vietnam, Burma, Laos and islands in the Andaman Sea.
  • Tibet
    Nine photo galleries, images from Lhasa to Everest (Mt. Qomolangma).
  • Xinjiang
    Eight image galleries, including the far west locations of Kashgar and Tashkurgan.
  • Siam
    Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Mae Sai, Burma, Southern Thailand and Ayutthaya, Ancient Capital of Siam / Krung Tai.
  • Sumatra
    On the island of Sumatra, images from Bukit Lawang, the village, people, jungle, simians and other wildlife.

Consulting / Corporate

    Total content development, conceptual and writing. Includes bios, graphic design, online forms, search engine optimization (SEO), maintenance and downloadable PDF marketing materials.
    Single-page site design for sole proprietor attorney site.
    Primarily a SEO client, content and partial design.
    Total site conceived to market land in Hawaii.
    Total development and conceptual of attorney website, including graphic design, banner conception, search engine optimization and writing of introductory home page content for San Francisco law firm.
    Website representing international strategic and communications consulting firm.
    Netherlands sole proprietorship, communications consulting firm.

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